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Titanium Ring Core (Bevelled) & Screw fitment (10mm - 6mm groove)

10mm Titanium Ring Core with a 6mm inlay groove See our other Titanium Ring Cores Titanium ring core with a bevelled edge & screw fitment (10mm - 6mm groove) 10mm...

Kirinite Antique Pearl Craft Sheet 300mm x 150mm x 10mm

Kirinite® is made from a chemical process that has produced the most durable, rich and elegant grip material ever! The material is perfect for knife makers that cut shape and...

Two piece 10mm Stainless Steel Ring Core & Screw Fit

2 piece 10mm Stainless Steel ring core with flat edges/rims for a modern look 7mm inner groove A wide stainless steel ring allowing the inlay material to take centre place...