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GS Hypo Jewellery Glue

G-S Hypo Cement Jewellery Glue With Applicator - 9ml

GS Hypo Jewellery glue has a long tapered tip with a precision applicator and is perfect for intricate work, perfect for attaching small items such as Swarovski crystals to your...

ZAP-A-GAP Super Glue

ZAP-A-GAP Medium CA Superglue 28.3g (1oz) Allow 7-10 seconds for positioning Cures in 20-30 seconds Fills small gaps 
Mesh sanding pads - acrylic sanding pads

Mesh Sanding Pads

It puts a polished sheen on wood and work extremely well when used wet on acrylics. The pack includes nine different colour/grades from 1500 to 12000 Each piece size: 10.5cm...

Expanding Ring Mandrel – Stainless Steel

Expanding ring turning mandrel made in high quality Stainless Steel Fits ring sizes F - Q (USA 3-8). The mandrel also accommodates half sizes It fits comfort ring cores to...
Silverline 209144 Assorted Tweezers 7-Piece Set

Assorted Tweezers 7-Piece Set

Silverline Assorted Tweezers 7-Piece Set Durable carbon steel construction. Ideal for delicate hobby work. Includes individual tweezers with: straight point straight jaw straight jaw with dipped soft-grip angled jaw angled...
Metal Ring Sizer Mandrel

Metal Ring Sizer Mandrel

A quality Metal Ring Sizer Mandrel approx 25cm in length Suitable for ring sizes D to Z+6 (UK) and 1 to 15.5 (USA) See our other ring making tools A...
Internal Ring Holding Tweezers

Internal Ring Holding Tweezers

A handy pair of internal ring holding tweezers to help you keep a firm hold on your ring whilst working on it. Can also be used to show the completed...

2 x Expanding Ring Mandrels – covers sizes 3-14

A great deal on our 2 expanding ring turning mandrels, when combined they will cover the secure turning of ring cores from (USA size 3 to 14)
£65.00 £50.00