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Aluminium Metal powders make ideal fillers and decorative inlays for rings, wood and other craft items.

Contents 65g.

This high purity, very fine (325 mesh) aluminium powder can also be used by resin casters and those looking for high shine metal effect.

This bottle comes with a hole in the top of the inner cap for accurate application into small holes and fissures.
In Wood: Use thin CA glue to build layers of the powder to complete the fill. Then cut it back, sand and finish as usual.

If suspended in air, dust clouds can be ignited in the presence of an ignition source. Explosion risk! Prolonged contact of Aluminium powder with water may result in a reaction releasing hydrogen. Ignition risk.

Aluminium powder will react with oxidising agents, acids and alkalis, causing heating and hydrogen.

Some settling in the bottle may occur.

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