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Hampshire Sheen Citrus Burnishing Oil leaves a silky smooth, fresh smelling food safe (BS EN 71-3:2019) finish on your turned pieces.

This oil can be easily applied and then burnished dry in a matter of minutes, and can be over-coated with waxes or lacquers if you wish.

Use multiple coats for a water and oil resistant finish suitable for salad, fruit and snack bowls.


The EN71-3 test is a UK testing standard and may not be accepted outside of the UK.


– Shake before use. – Sand your work down. We recommend sanding to at least 400, 600 or a higher grit. – Apply the oil using a paper towel and allow to penetrate the wood for a minute or two; – Remove excess oil from surface; – With the lathe spinning safely fast, use a paper towel to burnish the oil dry; – Re-coat as required. – May be over-coated with wax or lacquer when
properly cured. – Use within 12 months of purchase for best results.

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