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  • 2 Tubes - 28.4g (1oz)
  • Bonding Time 5 Min
  • Handling Time 15 Min
  • Drying Colour Clear


  • For best results: clean dry and thoroughly roughen surfaces to be joined or repaired.
  • Remove caps. Pierce end of tubes. Squeeze equals length of harder and resin onto a clean, discardable surface. Squeeze with equal pressure from bottom of tubes so that bead diameters are uniform.
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Apply to surface(s) to be repaired or joined together. When storing, clean caps and tube threads. Replace caps to original tube (colour coded), or hardening may occur in the tube nozzles
Devcon epoxy adhesives cure and join things together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. This reaction results in high strength bonds that are resistant to most chemicals. Use Devcon epoxy adhesive for industrial craft household or for any job that requires a high-quality bond.
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