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A range of 8 Dialux block compounds for cutting, polishing & final finishing

See description below for details on colour usage:


    • Grey - Titanium, Platinum & Stainless Steel (fast, coarse cutting, excellent for taking out marks)


  • Orange - Hard metals including Stainless Steel, ferrous metals (formulated to be used for removing and eliminating scratches and marks on metal surfaces prior to the polishing and finishing step).


    • Blue - Gold & Silver (gets scratches out, cleans the metal and gives a high lustre finish)


  • Yellow - Pewter, Tin, Bronze, gold, silver & Plastics (gets scratches out and gives a high semi bright lustre finish)

Final Finish:


    • Red - Gold & Silver (high mirror quality dry finish)


    • White - Silver, White Gold & plastics (high mirror quality dry finish, with the added benefit of less red mess)


  • Black - Formulated especially for professional goldsmiths and silversmiths. Use as a final polish; recommended for silver.
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