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Light Siam Swarovski® Flatback Crystals

Swarovski® Flatback Crystals Non Hotfix (otherwise known as Rhinestones) are perfect to add a little red sparkle to your hand made rings.

You can use them individually or in a group to wow your customers.

Swarovski® Light Siam Flat Backs No Hotfix are backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection, and for easy application to a variety of materials using jewellery glue.

What does "No Hotfix" mean? There are 2 types of Swarovski flatback crystals, "hotfix" and "no hotfix" - "hotfix" requires heat to adhere the crystal to the ring core whereas 'no hotfix' requires glue. When making rings from ring cores, "no hotfix" is better suited.


Light Siam - Swarovski® Flatback Crystals Non Hotfix

Design numbers 2000, 2058 & 2088

Swarovski crystal designs alter in line with the size of the crystal - This is referenced in the design numbers (e.g. 2000, 2058 & 2088) and the image shown. The larger the crystal, the more intricately cut the design.

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Swarovski design numbers

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