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Lightweight polycarbonate face shield with clear, flip-up, impact resistant visor.

Features brow guard with adjustable ratchet headband for increased comfort.

Providing combined safety and comfort, Silverline's 140863 Clear Face Shield & Visor is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who uses a woodturning lathe, brush cutters, garden shredders, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers.

Weighing 281 grams, the Silverline Face Shield and Visor is sufficiently lightweight to be cool and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, yet sturdy enough to remain long-lasting and hard-wearing. An integrated clear visor creates a shield for your face and eyes, acting as a barrier against flyaway debris. 

The protective, impact and scratch-resistant clear visor lens provides perfect visibility. The shape of the brow section is domed and curved conforming to the forehead and providing maximum comfort. The clear visor flips up due to the hinge feature at the side of the headband, enabling you to take a break from cutting or trimming without having to remove the entire head piece.

- Single point ratchet makes adjusting the headband to fit the individual shape of your head both easy and convenient

- Padded headband is ultra-comfortable to wear, eliminating rubbing or chafing at the back and sides of the head

- Conforms to EN166

Installation Manual (PDF)

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