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Purple & Gold Glitter Ring Blank

These colourful ring blanks are made from Polyester. This means they are strong and durable, as well as being hypoallergenic.

They are perfect for making your own statement jewellery as each ring blank is unique. The colours include purple & gold and glitter

The Purple & Gold ring blanks are sold individually, and each one measures approximately 39mm diameter x 17mm approx depth.

Polyester Ring Turning Blanks

When turning Polyester on your lathe you will achieve best results with your lathe turned to to a high speed, use very sharp tools and very light touches. Polyester is a very strong material but can chip easily if you are too aggressive with it.

Polyester is best sanded wet and can be finished with sandpaper, Yorkshire Grit abrasive Paste & buffing wheels. No final protective finish is required.

These are a limited edition, once they are gone they will not be restocked.

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