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Ring Turning Chuck

The Ring Turning Chuck provides precision and convenience when turning ring cores helping you to achieve a perfect high quality finish on your rings. The chuck can also be used with other projects such as bottle stoppers.

Lathe Ring Making Tools

We will be stocking 3 types of Ring Turning Chuck, depends on your lathe spindle size - This chuck is suitable for lathes with a 1/8"-8 tpi spindle thread


When you look at the tool in detail, you'll see that it's precision machined from solid steel and threaded to fit directly onto your lathes spindle, the single piece design with 60 degree dimple on the end of the shaft for tailstock support guarantees perfect concentricity every time.

Benefits of a chuck over expanding mandrels

  • The artisan ring turning chuck, being attached directly to the spindle of the lathe, prevents concentricity issues that might occur when expanding ring mandrels are inserted into a chuck (prevents "wobble").
  • Only one chuck is required rather than at least two expanding ring mandrels giving great value for money.
  • No moving parts, providing the chuck with a longer lifespan than mandrels or step chucks.

Ring Turning Bushing size

Long-lasting machined aluminum ring bushings are included in small, medium and large sizes. The ring making bushings allow you to turn a full range of ring sizes from 4-16 (USA) including half sizes.

With the Ring Turning Chuck, changing bushings and mounting ring cores is as easy as removing the brass tightening nut, swapping out bushings and replacing the nut. This will be the most used ring making tool in your work-shop.

  • Designed specifically for turning ring cores
  • Machined from solid steel, one-piece design
  • 60 degree shaft recess for revolving cone center support
  • Accurate and eliminates vibration
  • Changing bushings is quick and easy
  • Wrench flats for easy removal - (wrench not included)
  • 1/8"-8 tpi spindle thread
  • Made in USA

Package includes:

  • Ring chuck body
  • Set of small aluminium ring bushings
    • Fits ring sizes 4-7.5
  • Set of medium aluminium ring bushings
    • Fits ring sizes 8-11.5
  • Set of large aluminium ring bushings
    • Fits ring sizes 12-16


When applying a finish such as CA glue to the ring, we recommend that you use a product from our shop, protective tape on the bushings. You'll get first class work and the bushings will have a longer lifespan.


1" x 8 tpi Lathes

There are a number of lathes that this chuck will fit, here you'll find a list of just a few:

  • Axminster AW205WL
  • Axminster AW240WL
  • Axminster AW305WL
  • Axminster AW370WL
  • Delta 46-460
  • Fox F46-717A
  • Rutlands R2000
  • Rutlands R2040
  • Vevor 8 x 12
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